Why Malwarebytes blocking website?

Malwarebytes is the antivirus software which helps in protecting the devices. There are times when the user faces the issues of websites or program not opening on the system, this may due to Malwarebytes are not allowing the website to open. Even these types of the problem also happen with the email also. After this kind of problem, there is always a message which pops ups stating that the site is being blocked. Mostly this problem has been resolved with an update. But still, if a user is facing an issue then the user can uninstall the software and reinstall the software again with the high speed internet.

Even after reinstalling the software again the user is finding any issues with the working of Malwarebytes blocking website then it could be due to following reasons such as –

  1. The IP of the website is not recognised by the device due to which Malwarebytes is not allowing the website to get opened.
  2. The website might be containing any malicious content which is not safe for the computer thus it is not allowing the website to get opened.

If the user feels that the content there on the website is worth watching or reading then can allow the website by going into the Malwarebytes. The user needs to be careful while allowing the website to open without protection as it could lead to the virus or ransomware enter the device. This could be harmful to the data available in the device as maybe it will corrupt it or delete it completely. The steps to let the website gets open are as follows –

  1. Go to the Malwarebytes Icon.
  2. Right click on the icon of Malwarebytes
  3. There will be an option of website blocking, uncheck it.
  4. It will allow the website to open.

If still, the user is facing any issue in opening the website then the user can exit the program completely. When the user will try to exit the program, a dialogue box will appear to confirm that whether you are sure to exit the Malwarebytes protection module. The user needs to click on yes. Then they can reopen the Malwarebytes and can open it again.

After looking into the content and watching, it is necessary to again make the website protection blocking active so that any malicious content does not harm the device. If the user has any query then can contact Malwarebytes Customer Support Number.

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