Malwarebytes Unable to Update

Different types of viruses keep on occurring daily. To stop these viruses from letting into out devices is necessary otherwise they will ruin the system and corrupt all the important data. For this, there is a need to have the antivirus for their device. Malwarebytes is the anti- virus software which protects the devices from different viruses. It keeps on updating from time to time so that in case any new virus comes then they should have the anti- malware in the system and this could not able to harm the device. But there are times when the user faces the issue of updation with the Malwarebytes.

To update the Malwarebytes so that no virus could enter the device, the user should do the following such as –

  1. Install all the updates manually – To go with this option the user need to disable the Windows defender or any other anti- virus as it does not allow another anti- virus to work properly. To deactivate the windows defender user need to go to windows defender and then chose the Virus and threat protection. After this disable the protection at the real time. Then install all the updates which are available on the website manually.
  2. Check the Windows Firewall –Find the Windows firewall in the device and go to the settings of it. Then allow the Malwarebytes to communicate freely on the server which is updated.
  3. Reinstall the Malwarebytes –If the user had installed the Malwarebytes earlier then firstly uninstall the software and then reinstall it again. To uninstall it properly it is necessary to have the clean-up utility for Malwarebytes so that it gets removed from the device completely. Then run the Malwarebytes installation with the high speed internet so that there will not be any problem in installation.
  4. Windows Updation –If the windows or any of the software which is required for the functioning of the computer then the software needs to be updated. As updation of windows is essential because it will hamper the working of Malwarebytes.

After doing anyone of the process or all as per need, a user should check that whether the Malwarebytes Software is getting updated or not. There is also the need to check whether all the updates till the latest had got updated or not. If a user is having any query or needs any information then do not hesitate in contacting the Malwarebytes Contact Support Phone Number.

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