Malwarebytes Icon Disappeared

Noted among the top antivirus software there is, the Malwarebytes software is one of the best software for sorting out any kind of virus trouble that you are facing with your device. There are different types of issues that you may face while using the internet and when you have a quality antivirus on your device you can ensure that it is protected against all kinds of threats. Millions of people across the globe opt for the Malwarebytes software for its versatility as well as excellent customer service.

Technical trouble posed by Malwarebytes

Despite the extraordinarily high-quality service provided by the Malwarebytes software, it is often difficult to handle the technical trouble that is posed by the software itself. There are different types of issues that you may face while working with the software like issues with the server and the system crashing, issues with the features on the software, the icon disappearing all of a sudden etc. There are various reasons behind the icon disappearing all of a sudden and some of them are enlisted below for your convenience:

  • It can happen that you have accidentally removed the Malwarebytes icon and did not remember doing so.
  • The software may have been removed from your device by mistake and hence the icon is lost too.
  • The Malwarebytes software icon may have been corrupted and hence it cannot be found.

Solution to the trouble

Depending on the reason behind the trouble, the solution has to be found accordingly. There are different ways in which this trouble can occur and the solution also varies accordingly. If you are unable to follow the instructions for the solution, then you can simply get in touch with the Malwarebytes customer care and seek the help of the experts there.

  • In case you have mistakenly deleted the icon of the software, you can easily get the icon back by simply looking up the software on your device and then creating a shortcut icon of the same.
  • In case your software version got corrupted and you lost the icon, then the best solution would be to install a new version of the software and create an icon shortcut where you want it. The Malwarebytes technical experts can also help you out regarding the same.

The Malwarebytes customer care team is available 24 hours for the users. You can get in touch with them during any time of the day. So, what are you waiting for? If you are still facing the issue even after accomplishing the steps given above, then without any hesitation simply call on the Malwarebytes Technical  Support Helpline Number.

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