Malwarebytes frozen system

With technological advancement reaching every household, a personal computer is something that is a regular asset and easily available. With every technology, there come few glitches and hindrances, and virus contamination is the most common and deadliest problem that can happen to your computer. Not only it hampers your work schedule, but also there is a chance of you losing out the invaluable data. You can always solve these problems using regular malware removal tools. But what if the virus disables your internet connection? If your computer gets frozen, it will not obey your commands and then you cannot do anything with a frozen system. But for every problem, there is a solution!

In this article you will know about the procedure to remove virus from your computer when it’s frozen due to Malwarebytes. You must follow the instructions step by step carefully to avoid running into any future problems. You can also opt for Malwarebytes Helpline Service for virus removal online. There are a number of support services available from which you can make your own choice. This will not only save your time and reduce the cost, but also save you the hassle from calling a technician from the repair shop.

Process to get rid of the problem

There are a number of ways in which you can try defreeze your computer and remove any virus present. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully:

  1. At first, you need to press the Alt, Ctrl and Delete keys altogether. When you do this, the Windows Security option will turn up. Then, you must click the shutdown button to shut down your computer. You can also do this from the start menu and choose to restart your computer instead of completely shutting it down. After the computer has been rebooted and all the icons on the desktop appear, go to your antivirus program. There, click the update button and get the latest updated version of your anti-virus software.
  2. After this primary process is done, now you have to run a complete scan of your computer from the anti-virus menu. If you only perform a custom scan, then it will just scan the selected areas and not the entire computer memory. Thus, it is recommended that you run a complete scan, although it might take a while. Because sometimes the virus might be hiding in such locations which you have not selected. With a full scan, you lower the risk of losing out on a hidden virus.
  3. After this is done, you need to download and install Malwarebytes’ frozen system anti- malware, which is available for download in the official website. You need to save the file after downloading and then open its contents from the zipped file to run the setup from there. After it has been installed, you need to update it. Again, this might take a while. After this step is completed, you must run a full scan again and then delete the virus infected areas.

Alternate method

If this method fails then you can use another computer, if it is available to you. Then you can download Malwarebytes anti malware program or get it from a friend, followed by saving it in a disc and copy it into your computer and boot the same. Always use Malwarebytes to clean your computer from time to time to avoid this type of situation from ever arising again. You can also get in touch with the Malwarebytes Technical Support Number for instant and confirmed recovery services.

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